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On a regular basis, the AQUAEXCEL project invited proposals from European research groups for scientific research that utilises the facilities of any of the participating Aquaculture Research Infrastructures. The AQUAEXCEL project unites major aquaculture experimental facilities with capacity to undertake experimental trials on a selection of commercially important fish aquaculture species and system types. These facilities are made available to the research community for Transnational Access (TNA) with the support of the European Union 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (Infrastructures).

The facilities available cover the entire range of production systems (recirculation, flow‐through, cage, hatchery and pond systems); environments (freshwater and marine, cold, temperate and warm water); scales (small, medium and industrial scale); fish species (salmon, trout, sea bass, sea bream, cod, common carp etc.); and fields of expertise (nutrition, physiology, health and welfare, genetics, engineering, monitoring and management technologies).

The overall objective of the AQUAEXCEL project is to promote the coordinated use and development of these top class experimental facilities and encourage problem‐based research and knowledge transfer to more effectively support the development of a sustainable European production of high quality seafood with reduced environmental impact.


Interested researchers can propose projects that involve visits of one or in some cases two people to the chosen Research Infrastructure for periods of up to 3 months. The use of the facilities (excluding any additional costs) is covered through AQUAEXCEL partner funding and the associated travel and subsistence expenses for the visiting scientist(s) will be paid through the host institution, according to their internal rules for reimbursement.


CURRENT STATUS (September 2014): The 9th Call for Access is now closed as of the 12th September 2014.  Please note this was the last call for proposals for Transnational Access.


The documents below contain the necessary information related to the 9th Call for Access.

  1. Guide to TNA Research Infrastructures
  2. Application form
  3. CV Template
  4. Information on AQUAEXCEL TNA 9th Call

Further details about the scheme and full instructions for preparing and submitting proposals are given in these documents. For further queries regarding the Call for Access please contact John Bostock; j.c.bostock(at)stir.ac.uk

Applicants are asked to show how their proposed research supports the EATIP Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (question 16 in the application form). For further information on this, the link to the EATIP Vision document can be found here: http://www.aquamedia.info/PDFFLIP/EATIPVision/index.html#/16/

Additional details about the project partners can be accessed via the web links on the Consortium page.

TNA workflow diagrams outlining the steps to follow before, during and after the project are available for USERS, HOSTS and the SECTION PANEL.


Further detailed information on AQUAEXCEL research infrastructures can be accessed via the Interactive map page. The AQUAEXCEL Interactive Map, http://www.aquaexcel.eu/rimap, is an integrated online infobase with ALL aquaculture research infrastructures in Europe and Associated countries, including non-AQUAEXCEL partners. The infobase will be a viable European aquaculture research infrastructure directory in the long term, and a powerful tool to identify European facilities, genetic and human resources and to promote mutual collaboration.

Feedback from Earlier Calls

There were 10 applications under the first call and 20 under the second. Of these, 15 projects were approved for funding (50%). These are utilising 10 different facilities of the 27 available. The primary reason for withholding funding was due to a lack of clarity or detail in the experimental design, or weak justification for the work in term of its benefit to the sector and how the results would be exploited. Applicants are advised to read the guidelines carefully and properly address all the questions on the application form. Detailed discussion with the manager of the host infrastructure and/or collaborating scientists whilst preparing the proposal is strongly recommended. The ethical implications of the work must also be considered thoroughly for any experiments involving animals (fish). It is not sufficient to report that the experimental work has been approved by one or both of the organisations involved.  Applicants are also advised to allow at least 3 months between the deadline for applications and the planned start date for the project.


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